Night Bat Promotion till 31. October 2018 12PM CET

We are happy to announce our first promotion!

You ever wanted to play games and get rewarded? I mean rewarded in the real world not just with some credit points?! We as well, so we decided to make a little contest for our fans!

Download Night Bat on iOS or Android and show your best!

How to win:

  1. Reach as one of the first 5 players 888 points and get the prizes showed in the promotion banner.
  2. Send us a comprehensible proof at that you reached those points (for example a video).
  3. No cheaters allowed, they will be disqualified immediately.


All winners will be announced here and proof that we paid out the happy winners will be showed here as well.

Payout is made via the crypto currency Ethereum (ETH) at real time exchange rates. So you will need a wallet like where you can create one for free!

Contest will end at 31. Oct 2018 12PM CET.


Download available at: